Interior design

Visit our photo gallery to find out how we work, and what our style and colour preferences are. This way you’ll know immediately if you’d like to hire us.

Since 2006 we’ve gathered extensive experience and developed an efficient approach to interior design of business premises: we take care of the work dynamics, make arrangements with contractors, handle orders, and solve any issues that might occur. We pay special attention to the space organisation, without neglecting the aesthetic element that enhances the feeling of comfort and contentment. When designing your business premises, we delve deep into your profession, while private spaces are carefully designed to suit your personality, blending comfort and functionality.

We love to refresh properties with history by adding cosy details and a personal touch. Sometimes it happens that our design revolves around a particular theme (love, flowers, art, etc.).

We value items you might perceive as flaws and turn them into advantages. This way we give them a new life and bring in a fresh perspective.

Feng shui

Interior design according to the Feng Shui principles requires a thorough analysis of the space, made on the basis of the client’s birth date and those of their employees or the persons they live with. We use a compass to read the orientation of your property, and determine favourable directions for abundance, love, health, and spiritual growth.

My long-time friend and associate Katarina Golojka helps me with this. We both received professional training as Feng Shui consultants, and possess the skills and expertise required for implementing ambitious projects in which careful design is complemented by analysis, symbolism, and a deeper meaning of the Feng Shui elements. People are sometimes sceptical about this ancient Eastern practice because it’s not part of the local tradition, but rest assured you’ll quickly see the benefits of energy clearing and Feng Shui arrangement of space.

Upcycling of furniture and other items

We find great joy in furniture upcycling which is a meditative and relaxing practice for us. Giving a new function and shape to discarded or neglected items and, most importantly, a second life in both the present and the future is extremely gratifying for us. We also perform an energy cleansing ritual for the upcycled furniture to let go of the past.

Space decoration

Space decoration is the finishing touch that enhances a room’s overall impression: a candle to warm up the space, a cushion to upgrade the couch, a lovely painting or a plant to decorate a wall or a shelf… We love decoration that oozes love and positivity. It is the details that transform an ordinary room into an oasis, a temple, a reflection of your business.

Last but not least...

All our services are offered with full dedication and commitment. We formulate concepts and look for a deeper experience of space. In addition to helping you develop fruitful communication with the contractors, we also find solutions to any issues that you might feel as a pebble in your shoe.  

Rely on us and experience peace, joy and excitement in this creative adventure. Let our expert advice guide and encourage you.

All you need to do is go with the flow…

Let’s start this sacred journey and create the best version of your space together!

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