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Thank you for visiting my website and reading these lines. I’m Davorka Jurić and I’ve been working as an interior designer since 2006. Every time someone contacts me is a sacred moment for me, even more so when people entrust me with designing their home or office. Your space is a temple, and each new task a thrilling journey filled with inspiration, challenges and productive meetings.

The golden thread

Remember the times you’ve visited interiors that seemed unappealing, even non-functional, but had such a comfy vibe that made it hard to leave? And when an interior seemed perfect, but you couldn’t wait to get out of there?

The key element of the space – beyond aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics – lies in its energy and vibration.

Having worked as an interior designer for many years, I’ve felt a growing need to enrich my professional skills with ancient wisdom and practices. As a Feng Shui practitioner, a holistic approach has become the foundation of my work aimed at blending your personality into interior design to create beautiful harmony.

I insist on hand-drawing interior visualisations, which is quite rare today. This helps me connect to the golden thread and channel the best version of the space the universe has intended for you.

A life in colour

Colours are an important medium of my creative expression. I like to combine new and upcycled furniture with different patterns and textures to create a space filled with details that tell a story and complement each other. I invest a lot of energy into thinking through every segment of interior design because only in this way a space will reflect your unique character and truly feel like a dream home or office.
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